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EV Automotive

Innovating Towards Clean & Green Automotive India.

Suavy Technologies EV Division, where innovation meets sustainability in the realm of Electric Vehicle (EV) Technology. As a premier provider of EV Electronics Components, including Chargers and Battery Management Systems (BMS), we pride ourselves on pioneering cutting-edge solutions right here in India, embodying the spirit of the"Make In India"initiative. Our commitment extends beyond mere production, as it aligns withBharat's Ambitious Net Zero by 2070 Goal, driving us to develop forward-thinking technologies that contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

At Suavy Technologies, we strive to redefine the EV landscape, empowering individuals and businesses alike to embrace sustainable mobility solutions while supporting India's vision for a carbon-neutral tomorrow.

EV Automotive Components

Suavy Automotive Division EV Charger
Suavy Automotive Division BMS Battery Management System

Customer's Specific Queries

Functions like Implementation of the Fault Matrix, CAN/LIN Communication, UDS, Power Strategies, etc will be implemented as per Customer's Specifications.

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