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We wish to make Atma-Nirbhar Bharat Technologically.

Ocean Wave Energy Harnessing

Suavy Technologies Ocean Wave Energy Harnessing

Harnessing the untapped potential for Ocean Wave Energy for Renewable Energy. Building a platform along the seacoast to capture a vast energy source for India to Achieve Net Zero by 2070.

Battery Management System for BESS

Suavy Technologies Battery Management System for BESS

Battery Management Systems for BESS is an important part of the Battery Storage Units. An active Battery Management System maintains the Battery Health and SoC optimized without passive bleeding. This also features IoT Connectivity to manage a cluster of Battery Storage Units effectively.

Embedded AI

Suavy Technologies Embedded AI

Embedded AI is a platform for having a scalable real-time AI catering to real-time applications. The number of hidden layers and neurons is scalable hence, having a Cost-Effective Application-Specific Real-Time Embedded AI.

Digital Twin

Suavy Technologies Digital Twin

This is a mathematical modelling of systems and subsystems that are critical for operations. By feeding real-time operating conditions the Health of the System is estimated. Also, root cause analysis is possible without dismantling the system. Systems like Micro-Grid, Electric Vehicles, etc can be modelled to have better diagnostics for better efficiency.