Unlocking Smart Homes, One Unique Touch With Smartdome

"Elevate your home into a realm of unparalleled sophistication with Smartdome, the epitome of seamless home automation. Effortlessly control your lights, appliances, and energy consumption from anywhere on the globe, free from the limitations of Wi-Fi dependency. Smartdome's intuitive design and range extension capabilities ensure a bespoke experience tailored to the unique essence of your home. Experience the pinnacle of sophistication with Smartdome - where convenience meets elegance, and innovation knows no bounds."
Smartdome Doodle

Features of Smartdome

Smartdome Connection Diagram

Don't Need to Change / Replace Anything

Just install the Node at the switch panel and connect the Node as per the instructions given in product manual. No need to change your switches or switch panel as it is compatible with any switches and just need 80x60x40 mm space behind the switchboard.

Smartdome Smartphone UI

User Friendly UI

Mobile App gives a User-Friendly Dashboard for controlling and managing our electrical loads and devices.All the switch panels and switch names are customizable according to User. Also, the switch panels can be grouped according to the rooms.

The Mobile App also has a Dashboard for energy usage tracking.

Also, custom routines for switches can be made using the Mobile App. Routines can also be made using Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smartdome Hardware

Plug & Play Integration

Anyone can install the product as it boasts a plug-and-play feature.

For Connecting to Smartdome Network:
To connect to the Home Smartdome network, the User just needs to scan the QR code, and the network will be linked to the User's account.

For Connecting the Switches to the Smartdome Network:
Users just have to install the Node on the switch panel and power up. Make the Smartdome Network unlock of addition on new Node from the Mobile App.

Smartdome Own Network

No Need for Wi-Fi, LAN, Bluetooth or IR Remote

We don't need your username and password for Wi-Fi. We don't need you to change your Wi-Fi frequency for us. We don't need you to lay LAN cables in every room. We don't need you to stay close to our device for Bluetooth connection or IR remote to work.
We don't need any of the above as we have our own network.

You just need your mobile to operate your devices from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection (also you can operate from International Space Station as it has internet).

Smartdome Energy Monitoring Dashboard

Energy Monitoring

A Real-Time Energy Monitoring System is there which enables Energy Usage tracking for users. Users can optimize energy bills and contribute to energy saving.

For the Power distribution system, this enables the power distribution company to know the load pattern of the area and hence can optimize the power distribution.

Smartdome Features ARMC Network Architecture

Range Extension

Our product doesn't limit its operation due to range from the Smartdome Gateway. Our product has range extension capability. The Switches will work if it findseither Smartdome Gateway in range or another Smartdome Switch in range. Hence Users can install the Smartdome Gateway anywhere in the home.

Scalability of Smartdome

Number of Loads

The Smartdome Switches are available from 1 Load Variant to 8 Load Variant.

Current Rating

The Smartdome Switches are available for500 mAVariant,1 Avariant,5 Avariant and15 Avariant.

Dimmable Switches

The Smartdome also have a Dimmable Switch Variant for Dimming LED or Varying Fan Speed.