Smart Micro Grid Layout and Concept

Smart Micro Grid

IoT Based Smart Micro Grid

Embark upon a journey towards enhanced energy efficiency and resilience withSmart Grid, an innovative IoT-based Micro-Grid Solution. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainable energy practices, Smart Grid presents a transformative paradigm in power management. By harnessing Maximum Power through Renewable Sources, the Smart Grid significantly diminishes reliance on traditional power grids.

Distinguished by its modular design, Smart Grid offers unparalleled scalability within existing clusters. Introducing a new Energy Source is effortlessly facilitated by adding the corresponding Smart Grid Module to the DC Link. Leveraging IoT connectivity, the Module seamlessly integrates with the Cluster, prompting a comprehensive reconfiguration for optimal operational efficacy. TheWhole Cluster will be Reconfigured for a new Optimum Operating Point.

In essence, Smart Grid epitomizes sophistication and ingenuity, heralding a new era of energy management marked by efficiency, adaptability, and Environmental stewardship.

Smart Grid Modules

Smart Micro Grid Battery Module
Smart Micro Grid Solar Power Module
Smart Micro Grid Wind Power Module
Smart Micro Grid Load Side Module

Cloud Connected Micro Grid can access global grid behaviours, weather reports, and many more data that gives the algorithm an edge over traditional microgrids. Due to the cloud connectivity of Micro-Grid, adding or upgrading any Source/Load Module doesn't affect the cluster. The algorithm reconfigures the Cluster for a new Optimized Operating Point. This makes our Smart Grid a Cost-effective yet Scalable Solution.